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EZgo gas: two questions

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EZgo gas: two questions

Postby spicydeath82 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:58 pm

First: my cart has been running great, but after a particularly long off road romp something is making racket at certain speeds.
My initial thought was one of the clutches. i checked the driven clutch and it seems to be fine. is it possible i broke a flyweight off on the comet clutch? it makes a horrible racket at certain speeds, hard to describe the noise. it's not the motor since i've had no loss of power, and it runs the same. i don't believe it's the rear end for the same reason, it still runs and rolls fine.
I think it's the comet clutch, it's to only thing left, has anybody had this problem as well?
Second: will most of the parts on the site for an 88+ marathon fit alright on my 81?
Thanks for reading all that.

1981 EZ-GO Marathon. [81k28] [243109]
Robin Engine. Model [EC25-2PG] Motor No. [88-14343]
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