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harley timing

harley timing

Postby 73 harley cart4 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:04 pm

I HAVE A 73 AMC HARLEY GAS. the timing mark on the case is at 9 oclock.The mark on the points plate is adjustable from 7 to 10 oclock, where should it be & why?
73 harley cart4
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Re: harley timing

Postby 73Eldo » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:11 pm

There are marks that you are are supposed to line up but I have had better luck just messing with it to find a good balance in performance between forward and reverse. You should be able to see marks from the lock down screws to get it in the ballpark to get it started. You can also make sure its all close by removing the spark plug then sticking something down the hole to the top of the piston then rotating the engine till the piston comes all the way up. At this point the cam should be holding the points open.
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