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Columbia Par-Car WITHOUT reverse

Columbia Par-Car WITHOUT reverse

Postby keithone » Tue Jan 03, 2006 10:32 pm

I replaced the ignition switch on the golf cart. I had forward and reverse and everything was fine. I let the motor warm up with the switch in reverse and the motor died. Starter will not turn over in reverse, but cart will run fine in forward. Does anybody know what size diodes are supposed to be used on the cart, plus the direction that they are to face. There is one on the f/r switch and two diodes on the starter/generator. I believe that the cart is a 1984 Columbia Par-Car. The VIN number on the cart is 3B 11366 C4

Is there anyway to convert the golf cart over with solenoids running to take the load off of the switch ? All the generator wires connect to the switch and puts all the load on this switch. Is this a common problem ?

The cart had been running fine in forward and reverse for a couple of weeks, until I let the engine idle in reverse and the motor died just as if you shut off the switch.

Any help would be appreciated very much.

Thanks Keith
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Postby Cartguy2000 » Thu Jan 05, 2006 10:14 am

The key switch in this car is about the best there is, without going to a mechanical F&R like EZ Co & Club Car use (or the older Harleys). You said you were "warming up" in reverse? Does this mean you had it just sitting there "idling" in reverse? If so, this is a very bad idea.
First of all, these engines are designed for start/stop operation and will warm up as you drive. Also, at idle, the battery is being heavily discharged since it is not really running. It is spinning because the starter is spinning the engine, not because the engine is actually running. This would have drawn a really excessive amount of power through the key switch, over too long a period of time (cooking the contacts internally).

As for the diodes, if the one on the key switch was bad, then it would spin over in reverse but wouldn't start. Is this the problem you have? BU should be able to get these diodes for you, there pretty cheap.

Finally, there was a version that had solenoids for the F&R function. In 1988 & 89 there was the "5 solenoid system" that Columbia used, but it was a nightmare to diagnose when there were problems...

Good luck! Let me know if I can help. :wink:
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