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Wiring hookup for a starter-gen on a G-2 HELP!

Wiring hookup for a starter-gen on a G-2 HELP!

Postby clockdaddy » Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:07 pm

Over the past year I have replace the starter generator on my 1986 Yamaha G-2a three times. I constantly have to charge the battery because it is not being recharged by the starter-generator. I have either replaced or tested the voltage regulator, solenoid, battery and a significant amount of the wiring.
The generator still will not charge the battery. The cart starts and runs great, has plenty of power, has lights that work just fine as long as I recharge the battery a couple of times each day.
The ONLY thing I can think of is that I'm not wiring the starter-gen properly. The unit has five terminals - F1;F2;DF;A1;& A2. It also has two small wires coming out of the middle of the case.
I've looked a schematics and thought I had everything right.......HELP .....Someone please explain the correct hookup for each of the wires!! Any other advice is welcomed....
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Re: Wiring hookup for a starter-gen on a G-2 HELP!

Postby CARTFIXER1 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:04 pm

are you buying the cheap aftermarket starter off ebay? If you are, thats your problem, thse things are trash. I have a bench full of them. They fail inabout a year around here and I love that all my competion uses them.

Simple test: With a volt meter on the battery, start up your cart, make sure the battery is fully charged, if with in a few seconds (10-15) the battery voltage is not at 14-14.5 you have an issue. If at slow speed it is charging at about 12.80- 13.50- and will cimb to proper charge voltage when it is floored for 30 or more seconds, then chances are great it is the starter.

I will repeat my self here.....Dont ever throw away the factory yamaha starter/generator- they can be rebuilt and last another 10 years.
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