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Yamaha G9 - Won't Idle

Yamaha G9 - Won't Idle

Postby seabrz » Sat Nov 12, 2005 7:04 pm


With help from all you folks, I was able to get a G9 I pulled out of the ocean running. It now starts right up and seems to run well. The issue I'm now seeing is that it won't idle. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to complex mechanical things like a carb - hell, I can't even spell it - but I was wondering if there's an adjustment sequence that I should follow.

Let me set the stage on known defects and work done: First, the air filter element is missing. Second, two of the hold down clamps are broken, so I put the universal sealant (duct tape) around the air box joint to prevent leaks. I did remove the bowl and checked the float - clean and free moving. I sprayed cleaner in through the butterfly valve and everything looks clean inside the body. I just don't feel comfortable taking the carb off and disassembling it.

The cart starts right up and very little throttle pressure is needed to keep it running. When I take my foot off the pedal to shift into gear, it stops running. If I start it in gear, it runs well with good acceleration. Any yes, I know that's bad for the starter which is why I want to set the idle.

I have found four adjustment screws on the carb - one in the body right wher the gas line enters, two others with springs, and one that seems to control the throttle cable tension. I tightened the cable tension but no luck. Could the cable be stretched and is there another place to take up slack? I tried adjusting the spring loaded screws with the only result being that it now backfires a bit. The spark plug has a grayish white color - too lean?

I would appreciate someone guiding me through the steps on the adjustments keeping in mind that I'm certainly no mechanic. So directions like "turn the screw all the way to the right and then back off one and a half turns" would be the best approach. Also, should I removed the screws and clean them?

Please help before I cook the starter.


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Postby gary69 » Sat Nov 12, 2005 8:42 pm

actually its not bad for the starter becasue thats what its supposed to do... they arent supposed to idle.. they are supposed to turn on and off with the pedal... thats why u hear the click when u press the pedal, that is the solenoid and the micro switch... if u would like it to idle that can be arranged but it is working fine...
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Postby SnuggleBear » Sat Nov 12, 2005 10:21 pm

Sounds like you are doing everything right. Gary69 is correct, those gas carts are designed not to idle, but shut down when stopped. Turn the key, press the gas, it starts, goes, release the gas, it comes to a stop, shuts off the engine. Think how much gas we would save if our passenger cars did that!

You can get it to idle by adjusting the idle screw that sets the carb butterfly slightly open, but due to the design of the whole cart, yea, you will get some backfire with that butterfly open. OK, with that, you can adjust the spring screws (They are a HIGH speed needle valve screw and a LOW speed needle valve screw) by doing just what you said, turn them both all the way in and then start by turning the high speed screw out about 1-1/2 turns and the low speed screw out about 3/4 turn. This is a starting place. Jack up the rear axle or jack stands. Get the cart to idle. Press the gas, adjust the high speed screw until you get maximum power, speed, sound from the engine. The low speed screw is adjusted at idle, so it idles the best. You will probably get some backfire with this setting, but play with the adjustments to get your cart to run the best FOR YOU! All carts are different, just adjust it so it suits you.

Did you use a cast net or a fly rod to get that cart outta the ocean? How did it get there? Did it just wash up on shore? Just how big was that scoop net that lifted it out?

Hope this helps, Seabrz, let us know...........

Bert in SC...........:mrgreen:
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Postby spriddle » Mon Nov 14, 2005 10:01 am

The cart is acting correctly. It should only start when the pedal is pressed and then completely die when the pedal released. The switch under the pedal is what controls this. You need to start the cart in gear also (forward or reverse). Never start it and then place it in gear, it will cause the rear clutch assembly to engage while turning and could cause damage. The air box situation: it definitely needs an air filter and the foam covering and the air box needs to be sealed (you can also use a rubber tiedown to strap over it if necessary). The fuel system on these carts relies greatly on vacuum (thus the need to seal air box). Carb. adjustments should not be necessary other than throttle cable adjustment unless the cart is really running poorly. You can also bypass the governor on these by running the cable from the pedal directly to the carb. if needed to better test the carb. and make sure it is actually not a governor issue. You will have to adjust the cable at the pedal and carb. Just make sure the throttle completely closes all the way or it will backfire. :wink: :D
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