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88 EZGO Gas Voltage Regulator question/problems

88 EZGO Gas Voltage Regulator question/problems

Postby Adamlavender1980 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:17 pm

Hey guys, relatively new to this so here is what we are running into. The cart will run like gangbusters on a fully charged battery, but after running awhile and stopping, it will not crank. IE battery is dead.

I have checked the charge coming off of the regulator and its only 11.9V which the battery is putting out a steady 12.6V when fully charged.

I removed the green DF wire and grounded it to the frame and nothing at all changed concerning the voltage output. (Clipped the wire, stripped it, and touched the stripped side to the frame.)
PS. The green from the regulator did nothing, when i touched the green from the starter, it friggin burned the wire AND me, so i suppose that was a nono.

My question is twopart.

Is it possible that i can isolate and remove the voltage regulator from the mix just to see if thats a problem, or what will that do if i remove it temporarily.

and secondly,

When i took the regulator apart to look at it, the inside had a small broken wire, i replaced and resoldered that, and now when i check continuity across all points (red, green, black) all points ohm out and show continuity. Is this normal, or is the regulator smoked and in need of replacement?

I know alot about automotives, but this golf cart experience has been a new and hairpulling one.

Thanks in advance!

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