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Transaxle Oil Wt.?

Transaxle Oil Wt.?

Postby pauldeere » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:28 am

What weight oil should be used in the transaxle of a 2003 C.C.?
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Postby sundownshifter » Fri Jul 08, 2005 7:10 pm

Ok I decided to try the 80-90 wt synthetic in my diff/trans ,
I have a 98 club car there was to plugs on the right side the one toward the back was up higher i took the higher plug out first and oil poured out
I was on a slight incline but I was surprised to see so much oil come out, then I drained it from the lower plug I put the lower plug back on and put the cart on level ground, I sqeezed the bottle of fluid in the higher plug hole untill it was running out of it. but I had drained out more than I put back in.

Now for my Question,is there another fill hole on top or somewhere else
I need to fill since it has ,(I believe but not sure) the trans and diff as one unit . does any one have a manual on the 98 ?If so could you tell me

how much fluid and where?

sorry Pauldeere Not trying to steal your thread just keeping it alive and together for future members
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Postby pauldeere » Sat Jul 09, 2005 7:12 am

AS I said on another post, I previously owned a 96 cc and it had two seperate drain plugs and two seperate fill plugs on the transaxle assembly,one set of plugs for the transmission and the other set for the transaxle. My 1995-1996 Manual says 80w90 in the trans. and 30wt. in the transaxle. I now have a 2003 and it only has one set of plugs and my original question was, what weight oil should be used?
I understand that Club Car somewhere in the late nineties changed the rotation of it's engines, so my other question, was that the reason for the transmission, just to change the turning direction within the transaxle housing. And if so by reversing the rotation of the engine there would be no need for a so called transmission.
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