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How i test my 36volt motor?

How i test my 36volt motor?

Postby JahGolfmon » Fri Jun 03, 2005 3:03 pm

Hi everyone!

Ive got a early 80's cart from a friend and i have some batt.s and i know that they have a good charge on them.
the motor i dont know if it works or not and its still in the cart.
How do i test/bump the motor just off of the batt.s and not going through the whole system.
Can i bump the motor directly off of the batts?
i have (4) POSTS on my motor and would like to know what they work in the motor - wires look like this:
1 white 2.5ft long
1 black 2.5ft long
1 red 2.5 ft long
1 very short 10" going to the speed contorls in the rear at motor..
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Postby Nate » Fri Jun 03, 2005 5:57 pm

Electric Motor Testing

To test an electric series wound (Non-Regen) golf cart motor, remove all wires at motor. This electrically isolates the motor from the cart. Put a jumper wire from an "A" terminal to an "S" terminal.
Example: A1 to S1
Then hook a 12V battery or 12V battery charger in the 15+ amp (Start Boost) range to the remaining "A" and "S" terminal.
Example A2 and S2
Polarity is not critical for this test and the motor should turn one way or the other.

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